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  1. Top Ten Online Vintage Clothing Stores for Men

    September 12, 2013 by admin

    How to do Vintage has been asked to post our tips on where to find vintage clothing for men.

    So we’ve asked around and here’s our top 10 online shops for Mens Vintage and Retro Clothing, in no particular order!

    My Vintage:
    Stocking a wide selection of mens clothing from Blazers, Jackets and T-Shirts to retro style hats and cardigans from the 1970’s.

    Savvy Row:
    Handpicked Vintage classics for men from makers such as Saville Row and bespoke tailors such as Crombie, Lock & Co. and Jermyn Street. Features suits, smoking jackets, tweeds, hats and shoes.

    Vintage and retro clothing and accessories for men; from 1940’s style leather brogues and retro style leather bags to lounge wear and vintage coats from the likes of Pendleton. Brilliant selection on this site AND they have physical stores in the UK!

    Candy Says:
    Not just for girls! This site have a great selection of mens and unisex vintage accessories featuring collectable Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and unworn vintage stock from the 1970’s such as mod sweaters and t-shirts.

    Monster Vintage:
    No top ten list would be complete without including this fantastic store. With vintage rock t-shirts and unique belt buckles through to braces/suspenders and classic 1960’s vintage sportswear – this site has everything a man could want! (more…)

  2. Film Review: Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

    September 10, 2013 by Fat Albert

    Inside Daisy Clover 1965

    Inside Daisy Clover 1965

    Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

    Written: Gavin Lambert
    Director: Robert Mulligan
    Music: Andre Previn

    There are some big names from 1950’s and 1960’s film era in this film, including the heavy hitters of the time; Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford , Roddy McDowall, Nathalie Wood and Ruth Gordon, the quality of their performance shines throughout.

    I like this film for so many reasons. There’s the brilliant characters; the classic kooky-American-hick-film freckles and barefoot character of Daisy (Nathalie Wood) and the nutty fortune telling mother (Ruth Gordon) who Daisy calls ‘old chap’.

    Theres the small town poverty line frustrations and hardships, represented with the classic ‘yearning for freedom’ road to stardom story.

    Inside Daisy Clover Alt. Cover

    Inside Daisy Clover 1965

    What I like above all else, is that the madness isn’t inside Daisy Clover, but rather in everyone else. The powerful, famour and rich the Daisy becomes involved with and wants to emulate are all twisted, damaged, predatory and weak.

    Christopher Plummers manipulative control freak movie moghul is perfectly shadow-like (straight from a stint as a German Officer). Robert Redford the romantic heart throb is positively ‘Wilde’ and Roddy Mcdowall…answers the phone.

    I always feel affection for Ruth Gordon (think Harold and Maude) and Nathalie Wood shows real bursts of fire and passion, innocence and playfulness – she feels perfectly cast.

    The film is set in a time of golden Hollywood movies and stars a musical number here and there. It makes an effective anti american dream tale..I wonder if it could be a message, a comment on the sad tales of Judy Garlands and Monroes from the time.

    I wished it was longer and does anyone else agree that it was a little like Columbo at times with the broody Jazz soundtrack?

  3. How to do DIY Vintage Wallpaper Envelopes

    March 10, 2013 by admin

    We were perusing the lovely blog from 100 Layer Cake earlier and couldn’t resist telling you all about a wonderful project we’d found from them for Project Wedding.

    If you have a collecting habit like we do and have ended up with some vintage wallpaper that isn’t long enough to cover your wall – 100 Layer Cake have come up with a great way to use up those beautiful snippets.

    DIY Vintage Wallpaper Envelopes

    DIY Vintage Wallpaper Envelopes – Project from 100 Layer Cake

    When we tried this, we ended up dismantling some good quality pre-bought envelopes from Hobbycraft.

    We used their shape outline as a cut out template and then stuck the carefully cut wallpaper insert into the envelope, then re-folded and glued.

    As we used a prit-stick to glue, we pressed the envelopes for a day inside some books, just to make sure they stuck nice and flat. This worked a treat!

    So, where do we get our vintage wallpaper from?

    We tend to find great bargains in house clearance shops, charity shops and garage sales. But, for designer wallpapers from the likes of Ram, Son & Crocker check out Vintage Wallpaper Online.

    We’ve not found many Vintage Wallpaper suppliers in the UK, if you are one, get in touch!

    Happy Vintage DIY – Have fun!

  4. Lovely 1920’s Inspired Light Fittings

    January 24, 2013 by admin

    Wow! How has it been so long? Happy New Year!

    Apologies for the late start to 2010 – we’ve been gallivanting around Europe with a snowy stop in Austria, before settling back down to the New Year.

    Deco Light Fitting Hotel Heitzmann

    Deco Light Fitting Hotel Heitzmann

    Check out this 1920’s Inspired lampshade we spotted in the lovely Hotel Hetizman, in Zell am Zee Austria, earlier this month.

    Sparkly goodness for the walls with a lovely pretty shadow, we thought it was almost drawing a deco style chandelier pattern on the wall – they looked stunning in the dining room.

    It reminded us of another gorgeous lamp, the Ariel Wall Lamp by designers Ivan Lolli & Mario Memmoli on the ECC Lighting and Furniture site (Australia and New Zealand Stockists of European Lighting Designers). Stunning! (check out the site link for a picture)

    Love the way we can see beautiful modern design still inspired by the glamour of a bygone era such as the 1920’s.

    Lots more film reviews, shop reviews, Paris shopping tips, Hairstyle guides tried and tested and our adventures into the world of vintage to follow in 2010 – Toodle Pip!

  5. What IS Vintage and Antique and Retro?

    June 9, 2011 by admin

    All these names! Vintage, Antique, Retro…or is it just old?

    They seem to mean different things to different people. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

    One Man's Rubbish is another Man's Treasure

    One Man's Rubbish is another Man's Treasure

    Sometimes being a ladies size 16, the outfit we love from our favourite vintage stores will just not fit us, so we have to make up a vintage look from more modern clothing and lovely vintage accessories.

    Vintage Inspired but in our minds, not strictly vintage – so just what does ‘vintage’ actually mean?

    Vintage clothing is normally anything that is at least 20 years old. However, when it comes to the 1920’s and before, most of this clothing may have moved beyond wearable quality and this is where it could be collectable and often considered antique.

    When it comes to vintage furniture, this is slightly different. Antique furniture is normally any item more than 100 years old whereas vintage furniture is not an antique but more than 30 years old.

    Vintage furniture and antique furniture alike tend to have distinct features in their design and construction that are iconic of an era and enable us to place them in time.

    So, that’s vintage and antique, but what about ‘retro’? Most stores seem to class retro as anything (clothing, furniture and accessories) from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Generally speaking its normally used to denote an item that is at least 15-20 years old.

    So there we have it, a brief explanation – what do you think? Have we missed anything?

  6. Cherry POP! – New Ladies Night at Backline Live

    August 13, 2010 by admin

    Cherry PoP Ladies Night at Backline Live

    Cherry PoP! Ladies Night at Backline Live

    If you’re not glamping it up in the West Sussex countryside at Vintage at Goodwood, but want to have a some vintage fun – with a modern twist – then look no further than the new ladies night at Backline Live in Guildford, Surrey.

    Cherry POP!, in association with TUCA (The Unique Communications Agency), is a monthly, vintage inspired club night warm up – just for the ladies.

    Kicking off at 7pm (until 10pm), tonight includes a  free cocktail on arrival and Rockabilly tunes from the DJ; setting the scene for pampering – courtesy of the Angelic Rebels, risque frivolity – courtesy of Judy from Ann Summers and other vintage girlies with their own specialist offerings, including styling lessons, fashion fixes and adult games (oh I say)

    Good girls will receive their very own goodie bag packed with style tips, discounts and freebies and the ticket price also includes free entry to Backline Live’s later club night (until 2.30am) where the boys will be back.

    Tickets for Cherry POP! are £6 and available online at We got Tickets and Backline Live.

    Enjoy getting ready for club night fun with your girlfriends; sip a few cocktails, pick up free goodies and vintage style tips and enjoy the party…maybe see you there? Toodle-Pip!

  7. Vintage at Goodwood is nearly here!

    August 5, 2010 by admin

    Apologies for the radio silence – we’ve been moving house and working our cotton socks off!

    Vintage at Goodwood 2010

    Vintage is coming to Goodwood!

    So, excitement is building, Vintage at Goodwood is nearly upon us! Kicking off on 13th August (well 12th with Vintage Race Night at Goodwood), celebrating British cool from the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s and featuring everything from film and music to fashion and beauty, this is the Festival’s first year.

    The festival is brainchild of designers Gerardine Hemingway MBE, Wayne Hemingway MBE (The Land of Lost Content Museum) and Lord March (Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, amazing Organic Farm owner!) and its full of treats for Vintage lovers.

    We’re particularly excited about the music; featuring acts such as Martha and the Vandellas and Sandie Shaw’s ‘Reclaim the Song’ featuring guest vocalists including Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

    Music Line Up Vintage at Goodwood

    Music Line Up for Vintage at Goodwood

    There will be; Dance lessons at the daily Tea Dance, Burlesque and Cabaret, an entire pop-up  shopping high street, Art curated by Ellie Arnold, comedy and film, one of the largest vintage clothes markets this year and even hair dressing and beauty salons to get your polished get up in fine form every morning. Check out the programme on the website and keep up to date with their Vinatge at Goodwood blog

    What more could a girl want? The perfect blend of music, fashion and film…

    Let us know if you’re going and send us your party pictures after the event if there’s anything you’d like to show off!

  8. How to Restore Vintage Furniture: Madeleine’s Vintage Table Restoration – Part Three

    April 7, 2010 by Madeleine

    The DIY restoration of a carved walnut wreck is nearing completion. Madeleine Price presents the final result – and counts the cost.

    I thought a brass framework would be best to support the glass top I had found for my new table.

    I flipped through the Yellow Pages for blokes who worked in brass and found one with a workshop nearby. On the phone, he told me his main job was manufacturing brass edging for very old cars whose front windscreens flipped down. This was a whole new departure for him and he sounded intrigued.

    So I took the table and the glass to the workshop, showed him what I needed – a supporting frame that would hold the glass in place a couple of inches clear of the top carved surface – and left him to it.

    Madeleine's Beautifully Restored Vintage Table

    Madeleine's Beautifully Restored Vintage Table

    His solution was utterly ingenious; four hollow brass rods that screwed into precisely drilled holes under the base, topped off by angled ‘lips’ to hold the glass firmly in place. To cushion the glass and stop it rattling if anyone nudged it, he even suggested fitting those small polyurethane buttons that stop your kitchen cabinet doors slamming shut.

    I assembled the whole thing and stared at it for hours. It was gorgeous.

    Now that table smiles at me whenever I look at it. If you’re very quiet, you can even hear it purr…

    I do try not to gloat over my handiwork but I had turned this sad hulk of carved wood into a gorgeous table and, like all rescued creatures, it was grateful.

    So love your DIY vintage – it will surely love you right back!

    And the cost of all this love?

    Extortionate – but definitely worth it!

    • Auction price £20
    • Wood carving (£35)
    • Nitromors, wire wool (three different grades) probably £50
    • Glass top £35
    • Brass frame (around £200)
    • Drawer knobs (around £1 each)

    Madeleine is a Managing Partner of Text Engineering, a writing and editing service for individuals and small businesses…and a Vintage DIY enthusiast!

  9. How to Restore Vintage Furniture: Madeleine’s Vintage Table Restoration – Part two

    March 16, 2010 by Madeleine

    Madeleine Price continues her rescue mission of a chunk of dirty old carved walnut…

    After a summer of scraping, sanding and wire-wooling, I was looking at a repaired, revived and restored chunk of carved walnut. It was starting to look like a table, so that’s the direction I took.

    I hunted around for feet that would replace the original ones I couldn’t replicate. In the end I settled for good old wooden drawer knobs. I removed the old feet, screwed in the knobs and waited for inspiration.

    Deciding on a glass top was a no-brainer. It had to be the right size, though, not overhanging the carving too much, tough enough to withstand accidents – and at the right price.

    G-Plan Table with the perfect glass top

    G-Plan Table with the perfect glass top

    An old G-Plan coffee table provided the answer. I saw the classified ad in the local paper – and snapped it up.

    The piece of toughened glass was an ideal fit for the ‘profile’ and it already had a lovely smooth edge, so I removed it and set it aside to await the next stage. (Of course, the original G-Plan table is now considered vintage and I regret having had to ditch it but my obsession made me ruthless…)

    The final challenge of the transformation faced me. I could hardly just balance the glass on top of the table and leave it at that. It needed some kind of support…

    …Visit us again next week for the last part of this mini-series – the final result of this vintage table restoration is beautiful.

    Madeleine is a Managing Partner of Text Engineering, a writing and editing service for individuals and small businesses…and a Vintage DIY enthusiast!

  10. How to do Vintage Loves Moo’s Cupcakes!

    March 10, 2010 by admin

    Katy Jo at How to do Vintage celebrated a birthday recently and treated her friends to some Moo’s cupcakes and Bellinis – Yum!

    Moos CupCakes are beautiful and delicious!

    Moos Cupcakes at Katy Jo's Birthday Tea - so beautiful and delicious!

    Just wanted to share how delightful these cupcakes were, full of buttery cream goodness, the vanilla cakes were light and fluffy. Our favourite have to be the lemon cup cakes with lemon icing, such a treat. If you’re in the delivery radius, they really will make an excellent gift or be the icing on the cake (ahem!) for any event you hold.

    Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire – Marie at Moo’s Cupcakes bakes and decorates with creative flair. Cupcakes come in multiples of 12 and get delivered in very handy flat boxes to make them easy for you to transport.

    They come in such a variety of pretty designs, check out their cupcake gallery for more inspiration.

    We’ll let you know if we spot any Easter delights from them – toodle pip!